Get Involved: Our Wish List

People Power: It's the generosity of
volunteers, businesses and the community.

Wish List

Beyond financial donations, we need people and business who are able to donate items or provide services to the Center. We call it Our Wish List (You can download a PDF of Our Wish List HERE as well).


Individually Wrapped Snacks
Juice Boxes
4 oz & 8 oz bottles of water
Scrapbook Stickers
Postage Stamps
Easel Pad (17 x 20 inches)
Kid specific craft kits
Gently loved toys and books
New Barbie dolls & Barbie accessories
Toys & Puzzles for the Waiting Room ( NO SMALL PARTS! )
**Please check expiration date to ensure all food & drink products will remain fresh for at least (2) months


Trash Bags (55 Gallon)
Hand Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Clorox Wipes
Lysol Spray
Whiteout/Correction Tape
Thank You Cards
Copy paper
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Plastic Spoons and /or Forks
Disposable Plates and Bowls
DVD-Rs and Paper Sleeves
Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General)
Spray Air Fresheners

Data Entry
Grant writers
Bakers - Cakes and Cookies for Graduation of Therapy Completion
Lawn Care and Green Thumbs - For Inside and Outside Beauty

We also have wish lists at with other needs and wants:
Click Here to View

Or, if you're not ready to do some shopping right now, you can go to later and search for Dickerson Center under "Find a Wish List or Registry".

Please Call Dickerson Children's Advocacy Center Before Delivering Any Donations.
Phone: 803-358-7200