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What We Do

At Dickerson Children's Advocacy Center, we work with children affected by physical and sexual abuse, drug endangerment, and the witnessing of violence. We provide a safe and caring environment where children and their non-abusive parent(s) or guardians can receive services and emotional support under one roof. We are a child-focused facility that provides forensic interviews, forensic medicals, mental health and victim advocate services to victims of child abuse between the ages of 0 to 18. Providing these services in a single location can help alleviate additional stress and trauma that that these children can experience by moving between agencies.

The multidisciplinary response allegation of abuse includes:

• Investigation and Prosecution
• Medical Evaluations
• Therapeutic Interventions
• Victim Advocacy and Support
• Case Review and Tracking

The multidisciplinary team
consists of professionals in the following fields:

• Law Enforcement
• Childhood Protective Services
• Solicitors Office
• Mental Health
• Medical
• Victim Advocacy
• Child Advocacy Centers

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